Custom Made in Suva!

All you'll need to provide is an image.

I'll design, engrave and fully assemble each article as per your specifications.

Items will take a minimum of 3 days to complete; the engravings and glue take at least a day each to fully set.

Laser Engraved!

Custom Designed Wood Memorabilia, etc.

  • Custom display pieces created from digital images.
  • ✔ Optimized fine-detail extracting image processing procedures.
  • ✔ High fidelity laser wood engravings.
  • ✔ 3D effects and intricate designs.
  • ✔ Eye catching, sentimental and classy.
  • ✔ Formal, semi-formal and informal.
  • ✔ Upto 350x350x350mm.

Contact Us Today!

I'm just starting out, so the rate right now is only $15.90 per hour that the machine needs to run (software estimate).

Designing and quotation is free and there is no deposit needed.

Additional fuel/shipping charges may apply if pickup isn't viable.

As a rough guideline, a 20cm tall piece in a similar style to the items showcased on this page might cost between $45 to $55FJD each, but designs can be tailored to fit within a certain budget.

Thank you (^u^)

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1pm → 1am Monday to Sunday

We aim to respond to calls and messages within 3 hours, and emails within a day.